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No Blocker

We value your budget and stand for fair business. We know that speed is critical to the success of your project. That’s why we introduced the NoBlocker Policy as the first fintech app development company.

The speed of development is profound

Companies built around the idea of speed and innovation are dominating the market.


However, large enterprises often face many blockers that slow down their development speed. These blockers can be caused by unclear requirements, internal or external dependencies, defects or expedite requests.


(1 DAY)




(3 DAYS) 3.7%



(8 DAYS) 9.88%

Unclear requirements

(31 DAYS)


Expedite Requests

(26 DAYS)



(12 DAYS)


Our aim is to help you move fast by ensuring that our part of the work is done as effectively as possible. The No Blocker Policy (NBP) helps to identify, escalate and eliminate blockers as well as their root causes quickly. 

It brings clear visibility into where blockers originate and serves as an evolutionary pressure to improve our and your processes. You don’t have to implement elaborate, processes to improve your speed.


Stay ahead of your competition with our speed and efficiency of fintech
application development.

No blockers or you don’t pay for resolution

At Axelgate, we understand that our clients’ only true long-term competitive advantage is their speed of technology development.

And the easiest way to increase speed is by removing any potential blockers.

If a blocker ticket is assigned to any Axelgate engineer, the client doesn’t pay for this
engineer’s time until the blocker is resolved.


This is applicable for Time and Materials contracts.

Move as fast
as possible

Sometimes just shining a spotlight on potential problems and fast removal of blockers can do wonders. What does it mean for you?

No increase in your budget

Higher effectiveness of our and your processes

Greater transparency

Faster delivery times

We are the first fintech app development company to introduce the NoBlocker Policy into all our work. Experience it during your next project.

Let’s work

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