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Startup Team

Team as a service.
Our dedicated development team will seamlessly integrate with your in–house team

Team as a service

Axelgate provides senior–level talent to help our clients quickly start and scale their product development. Our dedicated development team will seamlessly integrate with your in-house professionals while using the same tools and methodologies and embracing the same mindset.

Make it your way

Our dedicated developers and QAs come as a 100% extension of your on-site team. They are fully-synced and always available for a chat, whether it’s a daily standup, a code review or an important decision to be made.

Make it your way

an in-house team

Lead a large-scale

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We offer

Reliable collab

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We understand that reliability can take a person very far. If we agree to deliver something then you can be sure we will deliver it. We are looking for long term partnerships.

Customer Obsession

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We start with the customer and work backwards. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.

Quick ramp-up

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We offer flexibility. You can scale your dedicated team as your business evolves. It’s like managing your in-house team, only more flexible.

How we work


We start with understanding your vision and goals.


If we can help, we offer you our services.


As soon as you give a thumbs-up, we can move on.


Your team is ready to start.

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