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Learn how to become the #1 choice for merchants

A practical workshop for leaders in payment processing about using mobile SDKs to get on the top of the industry


10.00 / OnLine




Want to become a no-brainer payment processor for merchants?

Learn how, on our upcoming webinar!

Here’s what you’ll learn

What merchants need to build on top of your platform

How Adyen and Stripe reach more merchants by making payment integration easy

Why only providing API for integration is no longer enough

How SDKs help with security and compliance while offering smooth and efficient customer experience

Why is this relevant today

in mobile commerce

There has been a significant shift towards mobile shopping and transactions. Consumers rely more than ever on smartphones and tablets to shop and make payments.

The convenience and efficiency of mobile payments are crucial for businesses to tap into this growing market.



Modern consumers expect quick, semaless, and secure payment experiences when they shop on mobile devices. Businesses need to adapt to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Technological advancements and competitive pressure

Innovations in mobile technology, security, and payment methods continue to evolve. New technologies help payment processors stay at the cutting edge of payment solutions, differentiate themselves and capture more market share.

Meet the speaker!

Building mobile SDK infrastructure for PagoNxt - Santander.

Successfully took to market payment and mobile banking apps for clients from Germany, Dubai, USA, UK, Mexico and Singapore.



Jozef Gajdos CEO Axelgate

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