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Mobile Payment SDK / Santander

Simplifying payment integration in mobile apps

Android and iOS libraries which enable easy and secure way to accept payments.

Easy to integrate


Accept payments from all major credit cards and payment providers.


Intended for mobile app developers/merchants who are looking for a fast and easy way to integrate payment processing and comply with PCI DSS SAQ-A.

Support for a seamless integration via a card field.

Supported Payment Methods

Credit Cards ( incl. 3DS 2.2) 


POI/PIA Wire Transactions



Alipay X-Border


Google Pay

Apple Pay

Adding others


Sensitive data collected according to PCI DSS SAQ-A standard

Certificate pinning to avoid MITM attacks

Jailbreak/root detection

Request signing with SHA256 – WAUTH

Code obfuscation (where applicable)

Tokenization of payment information


How it works

1. Embed our UI in your app. For full customization you can build your own payment form and use SDKs in a headless mode.


2. The SDKs take the customer's sensitive data and exchange them for a secure token. This is called tokenization. Once your app has the token it can make the payment request.

Got an idea? Get in touch with us and let's get your project started today!

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